Monday, February 14, 2011

Do We Need Cell phones?

Days were there only food, shelter, clothing were basic needs. Now, days have changed there is one more basic need is added. Yes, that is  cell phone the 4th basic need added. Though people struggle to have other three basic needs, they will be satisfied with the cell phone the basic need.

One of lecturer in our college used to message us the summary of the class or notes of some topics. We the cell phone lovers took the very help of those to learn the topics. If  the sudden programs will be arranged ,we get to know about programs by messages sent through way2sms and so we can actively participate in those.     

Recent ‘Google Alerts’ also have helped us through the use of mobile by providing us the recent technical trends, news, etc. in free of cost. ‘SDM ALERTS’ are also having active part in this.

My friends are busy in puzzles solving and knowledge exchange through messages in their free time. We even come to know about their college ‘going-ons’ through messages.

Recently I saw a guy was taking a pic near notice board was surprised seeing it. Me, nutcase went near notice board and observed what he doing, actually he the lazy but intelligent was taking pic of exam time-table. Then it flashed into mind he using principle of IDEA to save paper principle, felt to tell him “what an idea sirji?”

We the hostel students will take the birthday party photos in mobiles ,after some years when we leave the hostel those will bring us the very nostalgic .

  How helpful the cell phone is? Why to think negatively its very bad and all when it is providing us the very needful things. Check out you have got an alert!!!                                



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hey dear very nice! keep up the good work!

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