Sunday, February 13, 2011


Anamika ,the clever girl, who stood first in class everytime from childhood. Once when she was at the age of 6,mom had promised her if she will win in drawing competition ,she will be getting a new  bicycle. Though she couldn’t win and she couldn’t get bicycle that time, she pleased her by winning the singing competition ,and won the bicycle for her by parents.
 First  P.U. results were announced. Anamika’s dad came home with sweets to hear the daughter`s results and to greet her with confidence that she stood first. But she was not in home, he called her ,it was switched off. Asked neighbours and searched and searched,but he couldn’t find her.
   He was tired and came home.He found a letter on his table. ’My dear dad –mom, I was in love with Ranga Reddy since 3 years. I know he already have three wives, and children. He is a teetotaler ,chain smoker. He has 25 murder and 25 half-murder cases, but my love is blind. I am going with him, sorry dad-mom.  I couldn’t tell you before.Will be happy with him,Don`t search for me’


I know, your heart is broken ,right? Whatever I told you is not the truth. The truth which am going to tell you is not as bitter as which I told you just now. I have scored a bit low in biology, couldn’t get rank this time. Sorry daddy-mummy, next time will score surely. If you really feel you will forgive me. I am in Neeta aunty’s home .Please call me, will come. Dad’s eyes were wet. He called ‘Anamika………..!!!’.

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