Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love Agreement

She was thinking deeply what to answer  the boy. ‘Sumit’ was very friendly to her  from past one year.He was very close to her. But unexpectedly  he had proposed her to be life partner. She was shocked. He gave her a day time to think and told “please don`t refuse me” .

She was a heart patient and doctor had given maximum a month time. But he was not knowing about it. She was in confusion to tell him the reason and get rid off the problem. But she too loved him deeply but she couldn`t express him. Though she loved him she was not ready to accept his proposal and hurt him later as he won`t digest the pain of her death.
  Ajay was one of her good friend, she had told her every happiness and sadness and he was with her every time supporting her. He was  knowing about her heart problem too. She thought a new plan. She explained plan to him. Though he refused first ,later he agreed to do so. They got into ‘Love Agreement for  two weeks’.   

She explained Sumit  , she loved Ajay and he too loved her ,so they are committed. She and Ajay started to visit ‘Coffee day’, and the many places. They both enjoyed a lot as they were friendly before. Sumit missed her every moment.
 Both lovers enjoyed a lot. She got very attached to Ajay within a week ,Ajay  fell in love with her ,he started praying god ‘please save her from death’. He was not willing to loose her at any cost. She was very happy with him, their love was so deep that God also felt very bad to take her life.
It was the last day  of their agreement, according to their agreement they must not meet from the next day. But they dint want to depart, they extended the agreement to still fifteen days. And she asked him to forget her after 15days,andshe took a promise to marry another girl.
Again the fifteen days went in their happiness, roaming ,enjoyed the life to the core. He cared her so much that she even forgot her death gate was very nearer. He too forgot.
As she was much happy, she got an attack and admitted to hospital. Her heart hole had grown still more bigger, her condition was very critical. Doctor said I can`t guarantee .Sumit came to know the whole truth,and he got hurted a lot.

Agreement of love came to end with her death (correctly after a month).But Ajay was hurted, Sumit too. and she too…..even God also as he departed true lovers.