Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best love


They were best friends ,very close ones too, and she would win any battle if they were together. They use to share each others happiness, sadness. They used to have food together sometimes.
She fell in love with him. That love grown deeply. But once he told he loved her friend pranati. She promised him she will help him in his love.
But Pranati refused the proposal, though they were friends before, they both tried a lot to convince her. Pranati  was not ready to accept him at any cost, and she avoided him a lot.
He was very silent these days, he was not interested in anything, he was not having his food also properly  .He was lost totally and she too.
Though she loved him a lot she didn’t tell him. Her mother strongly opposed love marriages. She loved and respected her parents a lot and she didn`t want to go against her mothers wish.This was also the reason to hold her love secret.
Now a days, he had become teetotaler .That day he drank a lot, had lost his conciseness, with that he was  driving car. She was returning from project class and rushing to hostel as it was late. She met with an accident, his car had hit her badly and she was in critical condition.

He was shocked, went to her, and hold her head on his lap. She died happily on his lap. He was still more shocked, when he came to know  she loved him a lot. He too lied their on her lap.

Morning news paper had printed “Two lovers have died in accident”.  



ilyas said...

wow! its beautiful!

anu said...

just wow.. !!! :) what a story..!! simply wow..

pallu said...

just wow.. :) what a story.. just wow.. :)